The beauty of marble was admired in Greece and Rome, and later – in Italy and France. It is really a very beautiful stone, especially if the surface is polished brilliantly. In Greek “marmaros” means “shining stone”, or “glittering stone”. Nowadays marble is mined in many countries, but the most famous is still Italian and[…]



Onyx is a very unusual and very beautiful stone. At first, jewelry was made of it just because of its beauty. Specialists of various “sciences” still attribute healing and magical properties to it. As a result, all products made from this material are of great value even now. But we shall pay our attention to[…]



Sandstone is durable and beautiful natural stone, which is used for the interior and exterior cladding. In proof of its durability and strength we shall give an example of the Egyptian pyramids, the Notre-Dame de Paris, the Empire State Building – and this is not a complete list of famous buildings and architectural works that[…]



Slate is a versatile and durable stone. It is formed under the earth surface, due to the influence of pressure and high temperatures on fine-grained rocks of silt and clay, which form slate clay. The structure of this rock also contains mica enough to form smooth and shiny texture. Slate is formed as blocks or[…]