OnyxOnyx is a very unusual and very beautiful stone. At first, jewelry was made of it just because of its beauty. Specialists of various “sciences” still attribute healing and magical properties to it. As a result, all products made from this material are of great value even now. But we shall pay our attention to its quite real properties and modern application. Let’s begin with saying that onyx is a dense sedimentary rock, the structure of which includes very few other impurities. It looks very unusual due to strips or layers, each of which has a different color. Types of onyx are distinguished exactly by their “color”. The structure of onyx is very dense, that’s why the stone is durable. But at the same time, the stone has a certain degree of transparency that allows light rays to pass at a certain depth (up to 60 mm). As a result, an amazing natural light effect appears.

Onyx and its peculiarities

Onyx and its peculiaritiesNote that the onyx is mined in the Arabian Peninsula, in Brazil, India, Iran, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey as well as the United States and Uruguay. The stone is characterized by durability, which is superior to that of marble and many other types of natural stone. Onyx is also highly resistant to frost and moisture. Despite the fact that the stone is durable and do not deform under the influence of external factors and atmospheric phenomena, there are only a few cases of its application in the exterior of buildings. Onyx as a semi-precious stone is an elite facing material. It is easily worked. As far as polished surface of onyx is concerned, its high reflectivity should be marked out. The most valuable is the onyx, the pattern of which is represented as multi-colored stripes. Onyx also has such a property that the disposing of its lines can be changed during stone processing, and this is what sawcutting technology affects. If the cut is made perpendicular to the layers, the color stain will appear instead of bands.

Onyx and its types

Onyx and its typesOnyx is divided into types according to its pattern. But note that in nature there are no two onyx stones with the same pattern, no matter what type you choose. The most common type used for the interior decoration is a marble onyx. According to the structure, onyx is divided into calcite, Tyrolean, quartz, aragonite, and other. Let’s specify a few basic types of onyx according to its pattern. Sardonyx is characterized by white brown stripes. There is also a chalcedony – its pattern consists of black and white stripes. Onyx Carnelian is characterized by white and red stripes. Onyx “Bianco” has a white background and streaks of brown-yellow shades. “Bianco” is a black onyx, in pattern of which the stripes of red and brown, as well as milk, white and pink colors alternate. Onyx “Gently Green” has a pattern of blurred spots of light yellow and green hues. “Vulcano” has a pattern in which stripes of pink, white and red colors alternate.

Application of onyx in finishing

Application of onyx in finishingOnyx is an elite finishing material. Its inimitable pattern, splendent luster and ability to transmit light make it possible to create a unique interior, which does not require additional decoration. Onyx is used for some decorative elements – such as columns, slabs for fireplaces, steps, walls and floor. In particular, the most popular floor tiling is quartz onyx, which exceeds the hardness of marble by far. Countertops, bathtubs and sinks are also made of onyx, wall panels are encrusted with it. Onyx perfectly goes with bronze and other non-ferrous metals as well as ceramics, glass, incrustations of precious stones and exclusive lighting. Since the stone is unique, the best decision would be to complete the design of the room with the work of art equally unique in its kind such as painting, sculpture, or rare musical instrument, a library of books having handmade covers. Onyx is often used in the creation of stained glass instead of specially processed glass. This stone naturally transforms light and the sun’s rays into mysterious colors and some “living” matter of mystery.
When selecting any materials to create an interior, we choose a certain style and something that will match it. If there is onyx in the interior, this design is beyond the scope and the canons of any, even the most luxurious style, time or era.