This stone was found in 1770 in North America, on the Labrador Peninsula. In the East it was called “tousey stone”, which is derived from the Persian “tousey” meaning peacock. This name was explained by the beautiful phenomenon of iridescence typical for labradorite. There is also similar ancient Russian name – “peacock spar”. Labradorite belongs[…]



We will tell about a very beautiful and valuable stone, which has an attractive color and unusual patterns. Malachite is also known as “peacock stone”, “satin ore”, “copper green” or “azure-malachite”. Different names can be quite relative, or denoting a particular variety of malachite, but, nevertheless, they are all used both by professionals and everymen[…]



This stone is also called “evening emerald”, and the name “olivine” was given by A. Verner in 1790 to denote a green variety of the mineral, occurring in the basalts. This association is due to the fact that rounded olivine crystals are very similar to the fruit of the olive tree. When of gem quality,[…]



The name of this mineral means “golden stone” (from the Greek words «chysos» and «lithos»), сhrysolite is also known as “bostonite”, “dostokan”, “olivine bazaltine”, “evening emerald”, “Andalusian olivine” or “bottle stone”. In ancient times the name of “chrysolite” was applied to different gems of golden and yellowish hues, which resulted in real confusion of names.[…]



Tanzanite is one of the most rare and beautiful stones in the world. It was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro (Mererani plateau, province Arusha). Tanzanite deposit was allegedly found by the locals, the shepherds of African Masai tribe, in place of burnt clearing. They brought the stone weighing about[…]



The name of this stone is derived from the Sinhalese “turmali”. The stones which were brought to Amsterdam in 1703 from Ceylon were called tourmalines. But it was known that local jewelers used this name to determine yellow zircons, which were found in the fields of tourmaline as well. Therefore, there is also a suggestion[…]