Basalt is a rather intriguing stone: it is formed in an unusual way, it has a lot of strength and decorative peculiarities, that allows using it in many fields including industry, and there is no common name interpretation of the stone. Traditionally, the name “basalt” is considered to be derived from Ethiopian word “basal” meaning[…]



Limestone is a natural stone that is resistant to the effects of many external factors. In this regard, the stone is popular in interior and exterior decoration. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and consists mainly of quartz, but also there are clay inclusions, impurities of silicon and phosphate, sand particles, and inclusions in the form[…]



Quartzite is a stone of mountain origin. Excellent strength and decorative characteristics provide an opportunity to use it for complex construction projects, implementation of original design ideas, but also for industrial purposes. We begin our description with technical characteristics of quartzite. Technical characteristics of quartzite This stone is very durable. Regardless of the project for[…]